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The lsp Experience

Motherhood should be celebrated. There are so many hard and stressful moments as a parent. The days are busy and chaotic. We often forget to take the picture or perhaps we forget to get in the photo ourselves. Regardless, your children will want to see a baby portrait wrapped in their mothers arms. And a mother will need tangible memories to reflect and enjoy. One photograph has the power to bring back every  heart aching joy of motherhood.

these days won't last forever. 
photographs will carry the nostalgic baby days we will one day long to relive.

I will thoughtfully design a session that meets your aesthetic preferences from clothing, to hair and makeup, location, and fine details. Together, we will create swoon worthy photographs that will leave you in eager anticipation of printing them to savor and enjoy as we gracefully age and long to remember. 

The LSP experience not only allows you to be pampered and cared for but leaves you with meaningful photographs from one of the most cherished and paramount seasons of your life. Whether you're a first time mom or a fourth, having a baby is life changing. 

I'm in the business of
bottling up that fresh newborn scent, capturing that big new mother love, and creating artwork of those you love most.

LSP clients believe

portraits of those you love most...
 Should be prioritized
are worth the investment
grow in value over time. 

- review from LSP client

"I’m so so happy to have these precious memories,
they are a gift we will cherish for a lifetime."

Before the magic happens, you sign the contract and pay the creative fee of $600 via credit or debit card.  This goes toward the film used during your session, the creative planning of your session, towards booking my hair and makeup artist, and every other detail.

Then, we'll schedule a time, either via zoom or in-person, to curate your session. The goal is to plan everything from hair and makeup, to clothing, location, and every other detail to provide you with meaningful photographs that will make your heart swoon.

1. the consultation call

2. planning

During the consultation call, we will have chosen the specific session type, location, and timing. 

Maternity sessions will take place in my studio, outdoors, or a combination of indoor and outdoor between 25-35 weeks. 

Newborn sessions are dependent on your specific desires but typically take place within the first two weeks of babies life.

Motherhood and baby sessions can take place up to 9 months but we'll discuss the options during our call. Milestone sessions can vary.

I will thoroughly prepare my clients based on your session type. I always make sure little children are prepared days before a session.

For newborn sessions, I always send any necessary reminders before baby arrives and I'll follow up a few days after baby is born. 

If you weren't able to come to my studio to plan beforehand, we'll ensure you have everything you need with some extra backup options on session day. 

3. preperation 

If you choose to come to my studio, all you will need to do is show up at our agreed upon time. My hair and makeup artist will style you while you enjoy your beverage and pastry order of choice. During this time, I will photograph baby and get all of those beautiful details. 

If you choose in-home, my hair and makeup artist will go to your home and style you. I will prep you on feeding baby, house temp, room prep, etc. during our preparation consultation. 

If your session is outside, please arrive on time. My hair and makeup artist can style you in my studio or in your home before the session. 

4. session day!

Within three weeks after your session, you will join me in my studio, to review your images projected largely in person in your selected frames of choice or to review the album I designed before sending it out to production. If you can't design in person, we will discuss over zoom.

All heirlooms come with the matching digitals.

Depending on your customized heirloom, you can expect to receive it within 4-8 weeks after you approve the design.  

After the consultation call, I have clients send me photos of the walls in their home that they're considering having framed images hung. I will create various designs with different options based on your preferences we discussed. 

5. your heirlooms

1 2 3 4 5

every little detail

heirlooms to enjoy for your lifetime • priceless

Collections begin at $700

portrait sitting fee $600

Every session is customized to fit your preferences. Clothing and hair & makeup are complimentary to create a stress free and enjoyable session but are not required. LSP clients invest $1350+ on the full experience. The creative fee of $600 does not come with images, those are purchased after your session. To review my pricing and experience in more depth, please fill out the inquiry form. I always encourage phone calls upon inquiring to allow you to ask detailed questions and learn if this is the perfect experience for you.

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