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So, you're ready to start a photography career? Or perhaps you already have a business but you can't seem to get hired by your ideal clients? Maybe you're a mom who just wants to learn how to use that DSLR camera you were gifted years ago? Regardless, I'm here to help!

After receiving several emails and DM's from other photographers and momtographers asking questions about my work, my business, and photography, I wanted to create a space where others could learn and grow. 

I'm not perfect and my business isn't perfect but if it wasn't for others, my business wouldn't be where it is today. We all need help and we all need community. I would love to assist you, however I am able to. 



I ask that you please fill out my inquiry form on my contact page. Once I receive this, we will plan a complimentary 20 minute zoom consultation where we will get to know one another and see how I can serve you best. 

This gives me the details I need to better assist you.

I love helping others grow and I love encouraging and supporting local photographers, I'm 100% community over competition. With that being said, I do not offer business coaching to professional maternity & newborn photographers located in Asheville, at this time. But, I would love to meet you and encourage you however I can.

1. first, let's chat!

2. one-on-one mentoring

This is an in person option where we will spend 4 hours together. These 4 hours are customized based on your needs. We can meet over coffee and discuss all things business, I can review all of your work, your workflow, your website, etc. We can set up a model call and you can shoot alongside me. 

The options are endless. 

This package starts at $800 with payment plan options.

Whether you want to learn how to use your DSLR, learn how to use manual mode, or learn how to use film, I'm here to help. 

I offer online and in-person options. 

This is $300 for one hour lesson. Every hour added is $100. Or choose to learn for 45 minutes and add a model call session to photograph alongside me for a total of $500. 

3. camera 101

This package is for professional, tax paying photographers, and new to business photographers. 

This course is 4 one hour zoom calls where we will dive into your brand, your pricing, your website, your workflow, SEO, your work, and you can ask me anything you'd like. 

This is usually 4-8 weeks depending on how quickly you can get your homework done. 

Starting at $1200 with payment plan options. 

4. business coaching

If you're a local college student who needs course credit or internship experience, let's chat. 

I offer paid positions for admin work and day of session assistants.

OR, if you're a local photographer who would like to be on my "call list" we can plan a consultation. These are experienced and professional photographers I refer my inquiring clients to who can't afford me and/or if I'm booked. 

5. join my team

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what i offer

Whether you want to learn from me or work with me, let's plan a complimentary zoom call to get to know one another and choose a package that is best for you.

Let me know when you inquire if you'd like to be one of my photographers, become an assistant, do admin work, or simply learn.

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