Asheville North Carolina newborn & family photography on film.

hey there!

i'm lauren (sauce-ler)

I believe that motherhood is significant.
It will change you, stretch you, humble you, and consume you with a love unimaginable.

I no longer see life simply. I long for color, for deep belly laughs, the cheesy and quirky. The moments that we cling to and pray they never end. The true nostalgic photographs. The real moments that we’ll genuinely remember. Not the posed and pristine but the messy and authentic. Let's get real! Are you in?

If you long to slow down & savor their childhood, you're in the right place!

Let’s bring life, color, and playfulness back into our family portraits! The sound of my kids laughing is what I long to hear and always end up printing. I’m over "picture perfect." I long for genuine interactions, close crops filled with connection, joy, tender love, silly jokes, and all the imperfections that remind us that life goes by too quickly to be bothered by the little things. 

if you agree, let's work together!