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A thoughtful approach to timeless photography.

Asheville North Carolina maternity, newborn, & motherhood
photographed on film with nostalgia, simplicity, & style.

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i'm lauren (sauce-ler)

I believe that motherhood is significant.
It will change you, stretch you, humble you, and consume you with a love unimaginable.

Which is why I designed the LSP experience. 
If I truly believe that motherhood is profound and life changing then it deserves to be treated in the highest regard. 

Becoming a mother is beautiful and sentimental, even if you can't comprehend it all yet, just trust me. 

You deserve to be pampered; to have a flattering dress, professional hair and makeup, and photographs you'll always look back on with fondness.

I believe it's more than a photograph.

The simple moments that fill you with so much love. This fleeting season of life that you desperately want to cling to & remember. The joyful memories that you'll need on the hard days of mothering. 

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cocktail recipes, all things mom related, & exclusive LSP offerings.

I send a quarterly email filled with seasonal cocktails & fun stuff I want to share. None of that annoying stuff.


photographs are the only thing in the world that allow us to savor, to remember, & to enjoy those we love most. 

There is ZERO stress when working with LSP!
I will have every single detail taken care of. Have a busy toddler? No worries, I have magical prep tips. Worried about postpartum? I have everything prepared for you and baby. No matter the session type, I have it under control. 

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