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How to photograph your children

Now is your chance to do all the family bonding you’ve been craving. Remember those feelings of guilt you had a few weeks ago; the work-home balance? the desire to be more present? to be intentional with your family?

The time has come! Let’s receive it as a gift and choose to truly enjoy these days of social distancing. Grab your camera that’s been collecting dust, charge those batteries, and start documenting your every day.

If you don’t have a “fancy” camera, that’s okay. I bet your cell phone has a pretty decent camera on it. There are no excuses. Now is your time to learn how to photograph your children and to get in the frame yourself.

Snuggle up on the couch, make a big bubble bath, go pick some flowers on your afternoon stroll, and document every single moment.

You will be thankful to have these days to remember and cherish. One day you can look back and tell your children the story of how the whole world was in quarantine. How you used the time to get to know your children, to flirt with your spouse, and to have fun together as a family.

Here are 3 simple tips on how to photograph your every day. If I receive enough interest, I will do a private webinar on some detailed tips and how to use your DSLR.

  1. Live Screen

    If you have a DSLR but don’t know how to use it, just turn it on auto. There will be an option for “live view” which will allow you to see what you’re photographing on the big screen instead of looking through the small viewfinder. This will help you slow down and see the whole picture. There are a lot of “how-to” videos if you would like to learn manual mode on your camera.

  2. Self Timer

    You don’t need a tripod to use self-timer. Grab a chair, use the table, or stack some books on the floor and get in the photo! Who cares if your hair is a mess, or if you aren’t wearing makeup, or if you’re wearing the same clothes from yesterday- your kids will be thankful to have a photo of themselves with you. You will want the memories one day, I promise.

  3. Plan Fun

    No, this isn’t cheating. You aren’t creating “fake” memories but rather, documenting sweet moments you don’t usually photograph. Create a fun experience where your children will feel comfortable and relaxed. You want to document their genuine joy and laughter. Whether you turn on some music for family dance time, fill up some water balloons, or set up self-timer and tickle those little loves, just choose something that everyone will enjoy. These will quickly become your absolute favorite photographs that you’ll be dying to have printed and framed.

Remember, the point is to document your family and to create memories. These photos don’t need to be perfect. If you have questions or want extra tips, just reach out.

Here are a few DSLR and iPhone pictures of my own “document your days” over the last four years.


I placed my DSLR on the table.

asheville lifestyle photographerasheville lifestyle photographer


Far from perfect but a favorite nonetheless.

Asheville family photographerAsheville family photographer

asheville child photographerasheville child photographer


asheville baby photographerasheville baby photographer

asheville photographerasheville photographer

asheville photographerasheville photographer

asheville baby photographerasheville baby photographer

asheville newborn photographerasheville newborn photographer

asheville lifestyle photographerasheville lifestyle photographer

Asheville family photographerAsheville family photographer


Find the light!

The photo of my daughter kissing her new baby brother on daddy’s lap: I put a chair next to the window, asked my husband to sit down with Auden in his lap, and tested the light. Once I had that setup, I asked Mariela (two at the time) if she would like to come play with daddy and the baby. She happily ran over and started talking to him and gave him kisses.

Interact with your kids. This should be fun. Document them playing; like the photo of Mariela putting dishes away. If you want a staged photo like my last one with all three kids snuggled up then make sure you have everything set up BEFORE you make the kids participate. I put a white blanket on the floor by the window and asked Mariela and Auden if they wanted a cookie (or whatever treat you have). I said, “If you lay down and snuggle and kiss Jude for 1 minute so mama can take a picture then I will give you a cookie.” They happily played along. I played fun music. If they get unhappy, let them play and try again later.

With my “find the light” tip that includes shadows. Don’t be afraid of shadows. That’s how I captured the bedtime photo of my husband and daughter sleeping together. The sun was going down and the light cast this stunning shadow on them. It will always be a favorite.

My personal images aren’t always my “best” images but that isn’t the point. The point is to create tangible memories for my children to enjoy as they get older. We will always have these images to cherish!

Have fun documenting your days!



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