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Indoor Playground Ideas for Any Asheville Family

Asheville Family Fun

We’ve all been there: you’re going stir-crazy with the kiddos and desperately need some time outside the house. Suddenly, the rain starts to pour and you aren’t in the mood for muddy puddle jumping. What now?

Fortunately, if you’re an Asheville family you have several options to stay dry and let the kids get their energy out.


Sunny Day Play Space

Asheville, NC

This indoor playground was created as a space for children to engage in casual play in a nature-inspired setting. Grab a coffee and head on over to Sunny Day to let the kids run wild during the storm. This is perfect for Asheville family fun!


Mountain Play Lodge

Arden, NC

Mountain Play Lodge is located next to B.B. Barnes in Arden– the perfect place for naturalists to go on an indoor excursion. It’s a playful combination of outdoor fun and indoor comfort for any Asheville family. When the kids are done playing, take a stroll through B.B. Barnes to enjoy their beautiful plants and get that much-craved outdoor time, without being outdoors.


We Rock the Spectrum

Asheville, NC

An open play gym that is inclusive to every Asheville Family! We Rock the Spectrum Asheville is a kids’ gym open to children of all abilities. Inspired by their child’s unique needs due to Autism Spectrum Disorder, the owners created the gym to support other neurodiverse children through sensory play. 


Johnny Appleseed Playground at Jeter Mountain Farm

Hendersonville, NC

If your Asheville family apple-picking plans are derailed due to weather, Jeter Mountain Farm has an indoor play space on site! Sip warm apple cider and have fun in this farm-themed play space. Make sure that they’re in season for U-Pick before making the trip.


Play Space AVL

Asheville, NC

Designed for babies from birth to age four, Play Space Asheville offers sensory, pretend, and creative play. There is even equipment for little ones to climb on! Snacks welcome! What a fun and safe family space for littles.


If you want an Asheville family experience that is a little more low-key then consider going to your local library or museum. Asheville Art Museum, Asheville Museum of Science, and Hands On Children Museum in Hendersonville are great options. Otherwise, bring out the board games, blast some happy music and have a dance party, get that imagination stirring and play dress up, or make it a movie day with yummy treats. There’s no such thing as bad weather if you make the most of it. As always, take lots of photos and make some Asheville family memories.

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