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Here is a list of Asheville Pediatricians:

Through this list I have noted whether they’re taking new patients, their stance on vaccinations, and other helpful information.

Due to COVID, none of the following practices are talking morning walk-in appointments. All practices require a mask, regardless of your vaccination status. Please, take this list as a helpful resource and click on each practice website to learn more about their services and care for yourself. If you have helpful information you think I should consider adding to this, please email me.


ABC Pediatrics:

  • They request that all patients are fully vaccinated and receive them according to the ACIP schedule.
  • They do have after hours urgent care, including weekend afternoons.
  • They have well waiting rooms and sick waiting rooms.
  • They do not accept local transfers,  only new patients from out of this area.


Asheville Medicine and Pediatrics:

  • They have “well” and “sick” office hours.
  • All physicians are trained in internal medicine and pediatric training; they see both children and adult patients.
  • They’re a small private practice that is in network with 13 insurances that you can find at the bottom of their home page.
  • When it comes to vaccines they say, “We review age-appropriate vaccinations and discuss appropriate and evidence based vaccine recommendations.” It doesn’t seem as if patients are required to stick with the recommended CDC vaccination guidelines but are likely encouraged to.
  • Several reviews and comments from locals have me believe that the practice is extremely disorganized with terrible customer service.


Mountain Area Pediatric:

  • They are very pro vaccination and encourage all patients to follow the AAP and CDC guidelines.
  • Their weekend hours are dependent on patient needs. You have to call and speak with a triage nurse who will inform you of whether your child needs to be seen that day or wait.
  • They are taking new patients.


Community Family Practice:

  • They are accepting new pediatric patients but adult and OB are by referral only.
  • What they say, “Our team acts as “coaches” who help you get healthy, stay healthy, and get the care and services that are right for you.”
  • They seem to encourage vaccinations but don’t require them.
  • There are mixed reviews; majority of the patients will agree that the onboarding staff is unorganized and can be extremely rude. However, there is a lot of love for the doctors, especially for patients who have been there for years. With that being said, I would encourage you to read the google reviews from the last few months for yourself.
  • It can be difficult to become a new patient.


French Broad Pediatrics:

  • They require vaccinations and staying up to date with them; they will not discuss delayed or no vaccinations with patients.
  • They see patients from birth to 21 years of age.
  • They provide lactation consulting.
  • They’re the only local practice that publicly offers special needs care.
  • Locals love how attentive the staff is. They have a great after hours service.


Asheville Children’s Medical Center:

  • Excellent service for sick visits; they will see your child the same day, even weekends. They have a seperate entrance for sick visits.
  • If you’re more than 10 minutes late to your appointment, you have to reschedule.
  • They don’t require vaccinations but they do encourage them.
  • Very kid friendly.


BlueSky Pediatrics:

  • They see sick patients in the afternoon. You have to call in the morning to schedule your visit. Upon arrival, you call and wait in your car until someone gets you.
  • They do not accept new patients who do not receive vaccinations including newborns whose families choose not to vaccinate.
  • They require annual wellness checkups to be a patient with them.
  • They open office hours for sick patients on Saturdays. They have an after hours triage nurse you can speak with.
  • Three beloved doctors of this practice have left in the last year so there are mixed reviews on the current status of the practice.


LifeWay Health:

  • This is a faith based private practice that looks at the root cause of health conditions.
  • They see patients from birth to 65 years of age.
  • The only holistic pediatric practice in Asheville.
  • They don’t require vaccinations.
  • They believe in strengthening the immune system and offer various tests; food, nutrition, metabolic, etc.
  • They take insurance and those uninsured.



There seem to be several options for Asheville families. Whether you’re looking for a doctor to keep your child on the scheduled vaccinations or you’d like a more holistic approach, there is a pediatric practice for your and your family.

I will be sharing other helpful blogs for local moms this month such as, local kid friendly places to eat and play, and I’ll do a similar resource for expecting moms. I hope this resource is helpful.


Lauren Sosler is Asheville’s natural and timeless maternity, newborn, baby milestone, and family photographer. She has a light filled and simple studio in West Asheville to provide clients with a high end curated experience. She also provides outdoor portraits in Asheville, NC. Her clients can choose clothing from her client wardrobe, clients can have their hair and makeup professionally done in the comfort of her studio as they enjoy local coffee and pastries. Lauren aims to provide a hospitable and enjoyable experience and beautiful artful heirlooms. 


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