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August 17, 2021

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Newborn Photography in Asheville

What should you look for when searching, “newborn photography Asheville NC” ? There are so many newborn photographers in the area with vastly different styles and different offerings. It can be overwhelming to decide who to choose and why. Especially when you have a large list of baby items to purchase. I have created a list of questions to help you think through your priorities when looking for a newborn photographer in Asheville.

  1. How important are newborn photos to you? This is the most important question to answer because it will help you answer the other questions. Is newborn photography essential?
  2. Do you prefer quality or quantity? If you prefer quantity then you should be looking for an amateur photographer, a hobbyist, someone starting to build their business, or a student. If you prefer quality and newborn photography is essential then a skilled professional is worth the investment.
  3.  What do you plan to do with your newborn photography? If you hope to frame pictures or to have an album created, then you want a quality asheville newborn photographer. If you want all of the digitals to print somewhere cheap, like Walgreens, you want the amateur.
  4. Do you have a style preference: like warm and moody or clean and natural? When you think of the images you want most, are they of your family, your baby, or a combination?
  5. What kind of experience are you looking for: a quick family session or a thoughtful and professional experience? Do you want the cheap experience or the luxury stress-free experience from a trained professional? Do you want to feel rushed and worry about your hair, makeup, and clothing options or do you want someone to plan all of that for you?


The best newborn experience

If you want an incredible newborn photography experience then the obvious answer is to invest in a trained professional. I know there are so many options and many items to purchase which makes the decision stressful. However, if having newborn photographs is essential then you need to consider the images you’ll have forever.

I’ve had clients who chose a cheap photographer only to come to me regretful that they didn’t choose me. They had a terrible experience or received terrible images.

I can guarantee that not a single cent will be wasted when you entrust me with your newborn photography.

Every single detail has been thought through and planned thoroughly. When you entrust me as your newborn photographer than every burden will be alleviated. My studio has a changing pad, diapers and wipes, swaddles and blankets, onesies, dresses for mom, beverages, toys for littles, and so much more.

Inquire to learn more about the LSP experience and why newborn photography in asheville nc should be a quality experience.




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