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May 7, 2020

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Newborn photography is my favorite because the fresh baby stage will fly by; I know you’ve heard this a million times but I’m here to say it again because it’s true.

That fresh newborn scent will waft away.

All of those newborn features will fade and change without a moments notice; their itty-bitty fingers and toes, the way their whole hand grips onto your one finger, their wisps of hair will grow thicker and longer, their sleepy eyes will widen and become alert, which we all know in time, will become loud screams of laughter and sweet defiance.

Those squishy rolls and wrinkly baby skin will soon come to grow out as your babe begins to crawl and walk.

Their coos will be replaced with words.

You see, babies don’t keep. In the blink of an eye, they’re sitting up and clapping their hands. And although these stages are wonderful, that once small baby will never be again.

Newborn photography should be prioritized. One day you’ll grow older and long to remember those fresh features. Your child will ask to see what they were like. Portraits will help share their story; from small prints to family albums, there are many ways to create tangible memories.

As your Asheville, NC newborn photographer, I will guarantee photographs of your growing family together and every detail of your baby. Newborn photography could take place any time within the first 8 weeks; the older they get, the more alert they become but those bright-eyed portraits are so lovely! 

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photographs are the only thing in the world that allow us to savor, to remember, & to enjoy those we love most. 

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